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Welcome to Deep Root!

Founded in 1985, Deep Root Organic is one of the oldest co-ops of organic vegetable growers in the United States. The co-op exists to promote local, sustainable, and organic agriculture through its small, family owned farms. Due to our size and the variety of our member farms, we offer a wide range of products available throughout the year. We thank you for your support with the purchase of our products.

We connect the farmer and the customer, delivering the best local organic produce and value added products to retail establishments, co-ops, restaurants, and institutions. Use the links above to find more out about our co-op and our member farms.

Featured Farm

Deep Meadow Farm

On the banks of the Connecticut River and in the shadow of Mt. Ascutney are 50 acres of deep river bottom soils. Each season Deep Meadow Farm grows organic vegetables while nurturing this beautiful land.

Stashing Acorns

Acorn squash is a popular winter favorite, and for good reason. This versatile winter squash (shaped like a large, ribbed acorn – hence the name) has a lot going for it:

Creamy Coleslaw

Red and Green Cabbage and bright Orange Carrots make a colorful, healthful combination.