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About Deep Root

1980Deep Root Organic Cooperative was founded in 1985 by a handful of farmers in Vermont and Massachusetts. Looking to access markets beyond their respective local areas, these growers united together under one name with the common goal of providing fresh organic produce to customers throughout New England.

Through the years the co-op has evolved into a 24 member farmer-owned cooperative with member farms located throughout northern Vermont and southern Quebec. Our member farms produce between 85,000 – 100,000 cases (of over 150 crop varieties) of organic produce annually supplying both local and regional markets throughout the north east and east coast.

Deep Root emphasizes growers helping growers in a co-operative effort. In addition to serving as a connection to the broader marketplace, the co-op acts as a classroom and learning forum for growers – this has always been the template for our operation. Education and the information shared between growers is valued as an important component of sustaining and growing the co-op. Longstanding members often act as mentors for new growers, giving guidance and input on crop varieties, production techniques, machinery and market standards. This allows us to build a solid foundation within Deep Root as well as continuing to support our communities and local agriculture.