Cucumbers are one of the most ubiquitous vegetables in American cuisine.  Versatile and distinctly flavorful, cucumbers can be found in dishes ranging from simple snacks, garnishes and condiments, to pickles, and warm and cold salads of all types.  Even kids like them!

The cucumber is believed to have originated in India, where a wide variety of cucumbers can still be found to this day.  It spread throughout the Middle East, was introduced to Europe as early as the 9th century, and found its way to the Americas via European explorers.

The most common varieties of cucumbers consumed in the U.S. are the standard “Field Slicer” and the “English” or “European” burpless varieties.  For most Americans, field slicers are widely considered to be the “classic” cucumber.  They range between 7-10 inches in length and are typically grown outdoors.  The English cukes are typically grown in Hot Houses.  These cukes tend to have low acidity – hence the name “burpless” – and are commonly harvested at 10-12 inches.  They are a bit sweeter than the common field slicer and have a thinner, more delicate skin.

Cucumbers are considered to be a good source of vitamin K and their high water content is great for maintaining hydration.

Deep Root offers both field slicers and HH English cukes, as well as smaller varieties suited for pickling.

Some great looking Field Cukes from our members at Joe’s Brook Farm

Hot House English Cukes are available from Deep Root from late March through early January.

Hot house cukes are typically trellised, while field cukes are typically left to vine low to the ground.