Potatoes are just, well… the best.
They are the blank canvas of the culinary world. It is hard to think of another vegetable that has so many beloved iterations, ranging from the simple baked variety, remaining largely intact to its original form, to a creamy liquid in the form of Potato Leek Soup, and all of the other options in between. What other options, you ask? Well, let’s see… there’s boiled, mashed, shredded into hash, cubed into home fries, marinated in potato salads, stuffed, stewed, au gratin, French Fried, roasted, whipped, scalloped, wedged, twice-cooked, grilled… Not only that, for as many ways as there are to cook a potato, there are just as many varieties of potato to choose from. Russets, reds, yellows, white, blue, purple, jumbo, petite, fingerlings… It is estimated that there are over 200 specific varieties of potatoes available in the US alone!
The history between potatoes and humans goes back quite far – 10,000 years ago by some estimates. Potatoes were first domesticated in South America, in the region straddling what is now modern-day Peru and Bolivia. It is believed that they were introduced into Europe in the 1500’s by European explorers and quickly became a staple food for both humans and livestock. Within a few hundred years they had spread to the rest of the continents and are still seeing increases in consumption in many parts of Asia. Today, China is the largest producer of potatoes, however Europe has the highest rates of per-capita consumption.
Potatoes have the advantage of long storage life post-harvest, as well as having a strong nutritional profile. 1 medium potato provides high levels of Vitamins C, B6 and other B vitamins, as well as Copper, Potassium and Dietary Fiber.
Deep Root has been offering potatoes since our earliest days and continues to do so today. Currently our largest potato producer is Samson Farm in Farnham, QC. Samson Farm has been certified organic since 1989 and specializes in potatoes and winter squash.
Here are a few photos of them packing this year’s potato harvest. Beau travail!

Potatoes are dumped from a field bin into a hopper and then move up a conveyor to the sorting line.

Potatoes are brushed clean and then sorted for size and quality.

After sorting Potatoes are bagged and palatalized.

Potatoes staged and ready for loading onto the Deep Root truck

Potato Storage






Gabriel and Real Samson – the masters behind the magic!

Deep Root truck loading up with potatoes