One of Deep Root’s signature offerings, the Red Beet is a versatile and nutritious addition to meals year-round. Whether slow-cooked into borscht, roasted in the oven or shredded raw onto a summer salad – beets can be a nutritious addition to a variety of meals.

The standard Red Beets that we know today are believed to be bred in the European Mediterranean region during the 1700’s. They are domesticated from the wild Sea Beet (Sea Beets are also ancestors of modern-day Swiss Chard) which grow near the tide-lines of the ocean.

Beets are nutritional power-houses. One 1/2 cup serving of beets is a good source of Folate and Manganese and also provides some Potassium and Fiber as well. Beets are also a unique source of Betaine – a nutrient with many purported health benefits.

Here are a few photos of this season’s beet harvest.  Tony and Shane of Foote Brook Farm in Johnson walk us through the process of sorting and washing beets before they get packed.  Nice work guys!

Dumping Beets from a field bin into the conveyor trough.

Tony and Shane getting ready to sort

Tony sorting beets before they go into the barrel washer

Beets come out of the barrel washer clean and ready for packing