Cate Farm

 Cate Farm is proud to be a charter member of Deep Root, growing for the Co-op since 1985. Located just outside of Montpelier, Vermont, we are family owned and operated, and continue to farm the land that Susannah and Enoch Cate settled in 1793. We have have grown various crops for Deep Root Co-op over the years, but our signature crop is Burdock root. Burdock is used as a culinary vegetable in Asian cuisine, also know as Gobo, and as a blood purifier as well. The root is a key ingredient in Essiac formula used for cancer treatment. Try adding some burdock root to soups, stir fries or juices, or check out one of our favorite recipes, Kimpira. For more nutritional info on burdock root, check here.

Our Mission is simple: To grow the highest quality plants and produce for our community, at a price that is fair to both customers and farmers alike. Visit for more info.

All the best from Richard, Sally, Flint and the team at Cate Farm.